The Baird's have been Eastside customers for two generations, and now they're repairing a 10+ year old Mazda for their son to drive to college.  When he leaves, they are considering a new generation VW convertible (if the Mrs. gets her way, that is ;-).  So, we didn't sell them a car lately, but she is pleased with our service, our prices and our history together.  The Baird's live in the immediate area and would be happy to speak directly with anyone I connect them with.  Come in and see me and I'll connect you with the Baird's, and anyone else I've worked with over the years.  

(More examples below...)


Michelle needed her old VW repaired ASAP and her ex, a customer of mine, told her to give me a call.  I connected her with Don in our service department and we got her car up and running. Next year she's trading in for a new Jetta.  (Thanks Don!)

The Jones's called because they were supposed to meet for a reunion in Florida but their car wasn't working well and they wanted to trade it...quickly.  We checked it out, found some minor issues and gave them fair market value for it on trade for a brand new red VW that caught Mrs. Jones's attention.  Welcome to Eastsidem Jones's!!

They're just now getting on Facebook and will "like" me, and told me if anyone wanted a referral they would be happy to talk to them.  Ask me for their number and Mr. Jones will be please to speak with you.




Mary Smith is an admitted "blue freak"...loves that color blue.  But she's also picky about what she drives and wanted a long term warranty, great mileage, safety and service that would provide her with a loaner and a lot of other features and benefits that Eastside Mazda VW provides to all of our customers.  Her father participated in the financing and we got her in the car she loves in less than a day.  

Mary doesn't want to share her contact info, but said I could call her anytime and put her on the phone with anyone that wants to talk about her dealing with us.  So, when you come in feel free to ask about Mary, and I'll try to call her so you can ask her for yourself.


Max and Joe love used Hondas in great condition.  Over the last 9 years, Joe has been here 3 times to get used Hondas and his new wife Max now accompanies him. 

They are Facebook friends of mine...

Tracy and her husband ended up searching all over and found that the local Toyota dealerships just didn't treat them as they expected.  Plus we had a past relationship so they asked me to find them a new Toyota, and we were happy to help them.  

Tracy and Josh Gold (can be found as friends on my Facebook page)