Hi, I'm Jim Simpson, with Eastside Mazda VW, and I'm the original sales person of the vehicle you're checking out.

If you explore this app further, you understand why satsified customers allow me to connect with you via a QR on their car. They may get comments or questions about it, where they got it, what options it has, what it costs, and more. 

So, I put the QR on the car and keep a record of every one of my customers and cars sold to be able to answer your questions with just a phone call or email, whenever it's convenient for you.

All you have to do is click through to my home page and send me an email, text or "click to call" on my phone number, or send me a note to request information and an appointment and I'll get right back to you.

To see more about me, take a look at the Home page of my app and click the icon to check out our new, and used vehicles, special offers, the dealer's testimonials on Google+, testimonials from my customers and a lot more.